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Important Summer Camp Information

  • Need More Information?
    Visit our summer camp web page for more information and to view the camp catalog online.
  • Parent Handbook
    Click here to download a copy of the Parent Handbook, which contains important information about summer camp.

Registration Information

  • Registration Dates
    Residents: Online registration begins February 15 at 7am.
    Non-Residents: Online registration begins March 1 at 8am.
  • Prepare in Advance
    Know your User ID and Password: If you need to have your ID or Password reset, please contact our office in advance.

    Verify your Child's Information: Make sure children you will be registering are listed in your account. Verify birth dates. Age restrictions are enforced by the online registration system. Contact our office to update birth dates.

    Verify Your Fee Reduction Status: Reduced fees are available to Arlington residents who qualify. Click here for more information and instructions on how to apply. If you are unsure of your fee reduction status, contact our office.
  • Complete Camp Forms
    ALL camps require at least one form before registration is finalized. Children may not attend camp until all required forms are completed.

    Complete Online: Click here to complete camp forms online (you must be registered for at least one camp). Little Explorers requires additional forms which cannot be completed online. Click here for more information.

    Download Camp Forms: Click here to download camp forms.
  • Our Staff are Here to Help
    Contact Us: 703-228-4747 Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm. On Feb 15 ONLY, we will open at 7am.
    Thank You for Your Patience. Our phones can be very busy, especially the first day of summer camp registration.

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